Guide: Configure SSL with Plex on Synology NAS (MacOS)

13. Juni 2019 Aus Von Ralph

For months plex has changed its default policies to warn of an “insecure connection” unless the SSL certificate is configured properly. Since I use private IPs it didn’t have much priority at all to me, however some Plex clients were not able to establish a connection (especially browsers).

I used my Mac with brew installed. (See here for installation details!) The brew package by default installs openssl so you can save a few steps compared to the tutorial on imgur I linked to. For mac you can skip downloading openssl and just open terminal.

  1. Export the certificate from your Synology (Config->Security->Certificate), right click “export”
  2. extract the “archive.rar”
  3. Open Terminal on MacOS, cd into the directory – in my example the download folder using: cd ~/Downloads
  4. Terminal command, insert your domain where it says so:
    openssl pkcs12 -export -out domain.pfx -in cert.pem -inkey privkey.pem -certfile chain.pem -name “your.domain
  5. It will ask for a password! You can leave it blank, however if you choose a password you have to enter it in your Plex server at the moment you link to your file.
  6. Upload the export file + private file to your Synology, a folder the Plex user has access to
  7. Link to the file in the Plex server configuration
  8. Restart the plex service on your Synology

Tada, there is your secure connection all Plex clients have been waiting desperately for. SSL does not have an impact on speed or whatsoever. Oh and remember, there is an official “Plex Media Player” client for MacOS. It is more reliable than your browser is and free.

Showing steps 4+5, censored my hostname+Accountname
Showing step 7, Synology uses the following linking method /Volume1/SharedFolder. Find our your volume name if you don’t know where the folder is stored in the configuration->Shared Folders panel.